Daily Investment Signals Powered by AI.

Elefant blends, technical analysis inputs from investment experts, fundamental analysis from in-house analysts and machine learning algorithms to curate timely notifications, helping investors to make better decisions.

Make better investment decisions with accurate Buy/Sell notifications.
Get ahead of the market with realtime news about your crypto portfolio.
Benefit from a powerful blend of experts consensus and machine learning.

Receive Better Signals, Track and Act On Time.

Elefant's signal visualisations are clear, accurate and up to date. Select the one's you would like to follow and updates will be delivered as they happen.

Get Custom News Based On Your Portfolio.

Majority of Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have a daily job and struggle to find time to learn about investment tools and follow up news related to their investments.

Elefant sends its users custom curated news in form of short video stories every morning, weekly or ad-hoc, based on their preferences.

Understand Use Cases, View Roadmaps and People Behind.

Most token / coin documentations (white paper) are complex for the average user.

Elefant's interactive information pages explain token use cases in a more human-centric way and help you to track the roadmap progresses, talent acquisitions, sentiment score of public communications as well as received investments.

Designed and developed by Wunder Innovation Studio.

A multi-disciplinary team of engineers, designers and strategists bringing ideas from concept to market.
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